$100M Success Secrets

Every one of us is in the business of selling. You sell yourself on your values, you sell to your relationships their perception of you, and you sell to the people you’re responsible for (children) on a ‘life worth living’. 

Even if you’re not in the business of, well, business, you can still learn to better craft your personal sales pitches. By this, I mean how you present your ideas and wishes to others.

Alex Hormozi, author of $100M Offers, earns in revenue from just 1 of his business $48,000,000/year. That’s just 1 of his current offers.

In his book, Alex explains crafting “Grand-Slam Offers”; where you only have to do something once to receive the largest possible return. 

His pricing formula includes 4 parts:

  1. Dream outcome
  2. The perceived likelihood of success
  3. Effort and Sacrifice
  4. Time Delay

The way to put Alex’s formula into action personally is to lead by example. The greatest sales people align themselves with their dream outcome and inspire others in their ability to achieve the same.

If you're not leading by example, that could be the reason you’re frustrated in your current relationships. 

For today, spend 15 minutes contemplating your dream outcome & order $100M Offers!

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