3 Occult Practices To Become Unstuck:

  1. Embrace your name. The origin of most names have symbolic significance to professions, skills, or even destiny. Last names that end with ‘son’ refer to the-son-of; ex. The son of Michael would have the last name Michael. If you can’t find significance toward the meaning of your namesakes, then you can explore the land and time in which it originated.
  2. Vary your general practice of meditation. That is, if you meditate with yoga, to become in-tune with the physical then the mental, attempt the opposite. Begin with silence from all of your senses, once you’ve become detached, associate with only the material things that bring you closer to your at-one-ment.
  3. Like attracts like. And everyone's life can benefit from feeling more appreciated. Give gratitude to three people right now. Literally right after reading this email.

Good timing, that’s all for today. If you’ve found this information useful, share it with a few friends!



Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball


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