3 Types of Active Meditation.

Meditation is the shift of awareness from external to internal. It is the opportunity to cultivate your desires and intentions. To withdraw from stressors that limit your creativity. 

Active meditation has the same goal of shifting your awareness, but in practical and constructive ways. Active mediation allows you to continue productive thought throughout the day.

1. Read & Contemplate.

As books are the cumulation of another's thoughts, experiences and opinions, there is always something new to learn or consider. Those moments of drifting off into detailed thought to conceptualize what you’re reading is active meditation. You are taking the knowledge gained and applying it to your own experiences, bringing you to a higher level of understanding yourself.

2. Yoga and Narration.

In the West, yoga is viewed as exercise, but in the East, its original intent was for meditation. The poses, movements, and holds are designed to bring you in closer connection between your mind & body. Guided yoga gives the additional benefit of letting go and allowing a trusted yogi to guide your thoughts and movements.

3. Eating and Visualizing.

You eat everyday, but how often do you consider how your food is nourishing your body? Do you watch TV while you eat dinner? Sit on your phone during lunch? Skip breakfast?

If you’re not eating healthy food then you’re just as unlikely to visualize how it’s affecting you. However, eating the appropriate superfoods or macronutrients, you can visualize exactly how that food is building muscle, repairing your body, and strengthening your brain. Everything you consume is either good for you, or terrible for you. You decide with each bit.

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