A Rock In The Road

Some days it seems as though everyone, from the moment we step out of the house, was put there to be an obstacle. 

Other drivers believe traffic is a race.

The scowls of coworkers as they settle into work for the day.

It’s like everyone is a rock in the way…

In fact, it would be more pleasant for you to view them that way; as a rock. 

Do you get mad at a rock on the sidewalk, while you can easily step over or walk around?

Why would you concern yourself with that which doesn’t deserve your attention?

Picturing everyone to be as innocuous as a rock is a great first step to change your frustrations. 

When you decide to be in control of your emotions you can see people for who they truly are: 

In their own way, everyone is trying their best. 

It’s hard to be frustrated at someone trying their best, even if they don't yet meet your skill level.

On the flip, you wouldn’t want people to be frustrated while you are trying your best.

That’s all for today. 

Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball 

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