Ancient definitions of happiness:

The Ancient Greeks sought happiness through the fulfillment of labor or work. Meaning they had accomplished or progressively worked toward a challenge, and felt an increased value in their self-esteem.

Ancient Jewish heritage first defined business as part of the pleasure of daily existence. Of course their business were references of the identity of the individual, their family, and were expressive of their value of service. 

The concept is simple; To say that work, play, passion, and fulfillment can (and should) be considered the same thing. If impossible to say that your work is play, then you must define a plan and make continued effort to transform your work into play. 

This is the reason those who love what they do never retire. There is no retirement from true passion. 

It is what the 99% expect to find AFTER they retire. By then however, regret may cloud their ability to look inward and find their calling. Even more, their life-long avoidance of their true-self will have no doubt caused rifts in their relationships. 

It’s easy to deny who you are when everyone around you has no idea who they are. 

How do you define happiness? What are you doing to obtain it yourself? How are you spreading it to others?

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Chandler Ball

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