Are you content with today?

The term “Sunday Scaries” refers to the miasma of dread that many people often feel, as their weekend comes to an end. 

As your free time comes to an end. 

Or rather, this shared-dread could be linked to the moment when reality sets-in.

When your mind jots from each task that has to be completed over the next 5 days. 

You’re not alone in this feeling. 

I would say that most people have disassociated from this thought process, after having experienced “Sunday Scaries” or “that Sunday night feeling” so many times, that their mind no longer jots from each task. 

Instead, you feel an ambiguous sense of being overwhelmed. 

Break away from this downward spiral by being productive toward what you want to achieve, and not what others expect you to achieve. 

Try rephrasing this sentence as your own:

“Today I will be content after I have spoken to you through this email.”

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