Are you in consummate love?

It’s been said that true adoration doesn't come from flattery, but through mutual commitment toward shared goals.

Think of how relationships that begin quickly and with intense obsession usually end just as fast and intense. Flames of passion burn out when the wick is done. This is considered Infatuation according to Sternberg’s Triangular Theory Of Love.

But effort and coordination are like an eternal wick. They keep you moving in harmony with someone and allow you reignite passion whenever you choose. 

Are you moving in harmony with the person you’re closest to (romantic or platonic)?

Earl Nightingale teaches that a person may become successful without creating a family, but misses out on realizing the ultimate joy of their success without them.

What a waste it would be to go through life alone. But an even greater mistake would be to surround yourself with those not aligned without you.

That’s all for today.

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