Attack on Distraction

Without giving away spoilers (which may be 10 years old by now) Kenny Ackerman from the show Attack On Titan gives us a philosophy everyone should reflect on regularly. 

In his arguably most self-actualized moment, Kenny delivers the line:

“ After all this time... everybody I have met .. was all the same. Drinking, women, worshiping god, even the king ... dreams .. children .. power. Everyone had to be drunk on something to keep pushing on ... Everyone was a slave to something.”

To which I completely agree.

But there’s different motivating factors behind what we spend our life chasing. 

Can you say for certain that your mission is intrinsic or extrinsically motivated?

You are living either a life of subconscious habits, OR conscious desires.

Sigmund Freud gives us his  analysis of personality to determine where your attention lies. Freud separates an individual's psyche into 3 parts; id, ego, and superego.

  • Id - Instinctual, unconscious, primitive (and fixed since birth)
  • Ego - The ‘mask’, mediates id and superego, confronts reality
  • Superego - Moral conscience, values instilled from parents/society

So from which are you deciding to live your life? Remember, it’s a decision that will happen with or without you. 


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Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball

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