Don’t let the past undermine the present.

Limiting beliefs that cause anxiety look like this:

“It’s my fault”, “It was just a matter of time”, “Nothing will work out”.

Limiting beliefs (often begin as intrusive thoughts) are ignorant of a larger reality, or an informed belief system. 

On one side there’s fear, on the other there’s faith. But both demand we believe in something we can’t see. 

The path of fear starts with ignorance (often avoidance/misunderstanding), which sews the seed of doubt and worry. 

Lingering doubt and worry (or ruminating) creates fear. 

Fear expresses as anxiety.

Anxiety becomes suppressed and turns into depression. Later, dis-ease. And finally, disintegration. 

Informed belief systems begin with knowledge, which is gained through study & experience. 

Which leads to understanding. 

Understanding turns to faith, and manifests as well-being. Well-being is expressed, rather than suppressed. And instead of depression, you get acceleration, become at-ease, and are now free to create.

This is the secret to becoming unstuck. To rewire your subconscious mind from the suppression of anxiety to the expression of self-worth.

Nothing is real except for the facts of one's own mental experience. It is your responsibility to consciously choose your mindset, and how you perceive the world. 

Your ability to change lies in your conscious decision to. Everyday you are either: 1. Actively (consciously) pursuing your goals at all times. OR 2. Living life programmed by the world around you.

Every decision you make leads you further toward self-worth or further toward anxiety. 

Take the time you deserve to review your choices and make the right one.

That’s all for today.


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