Flowers For Your Man

My favorite trend I’ve seen on social media recently is where a man will gift a flower to a stranger, who is also a man. 

Usually the stranger is surprised, and is greeted with a card or acknowledgement of the fact that most men won’t receive their first flower before their own funeral

Quite a humbling fact. 

It brings up the concept of how men are typically shown affection, valued, and are cared for. 

Would they enjoy being given flowers for the sentiment that comes with them?

Why are the ways we acknowledge the value in others dictated by societal norms? 

What is widely accepted now was once an individual's opinion, anyways.

There are fundamental ways of displaying your love.

But the commonality between displays of love, which is also the link between us all, is time

You can always give your undivided time to show your appreciation. 

Unobvious lesson:

  • Give your time in advance by giving a gift (time already spent).
  • Give your time now by listening
  • Give your time in the future by making a commitment.

That’s all for today.

Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball 

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