Gravity of the situation!

It is much harder to convince someone they've been fooled, than it is to actually fool them.

For example, the Law of Gravity does not encompass the concept of gravity as we know it today. 

Most accept gravity as a law of the universe. However,  the Law doesn't explain our current understanding of the phenomena; instead, the Law is an equation that calculates the rate at which an object will be pulled.

The Theory of Gravity, originating from Isaac Newton's Laws, is more-so the concept most have come to believe. But just try telling someone that gravity is "only a theory" and watch their eyes roll. Even linguistically, those who have been fooled struggle to accept the truth.

Even more, Einstein's Theory of Relativity (while flawed on its own), progressed our understanding beyond Newton's Laws. 

Today, the closest overstanding we have to the concept of gravity relates to how space-time creates the illusion of gravity. Or rather, how gravity as we perceive it is the effect of an object existing in space-time.

Again, try telling someone "gravity as we know it, is only a theory".

Let's look at an example that applies more to day-to-day life: The subliminal programming of social media.

Robert Greene says that everything depends on reputation and to guard it with your life. 

So, it's only natural for you to want to be thought of as the best-version of yourself. Celebrities, fan pages, your friends, family & co-workers all post the most spectacular parts of their life on social media. 

The result: 

  1. You aren't aware of the individual's strife
  2. You feel isolated, as everyone else seems to be so happy all the time
  3. You feel pressure to perform and contribute the best parts of your life
  4. Your thoughts and actions align with superficial desires
  5. You lose time that you can't get back

When I got my Wilderness First Responder certification, my instructor introduced me to a timeless phrase:

The more you know, the more you know you don't know. 

Read that one out-loud to get a better overstanding.

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