If I gave you a million dollars? Get

Would you still have the same problems? Would you start the day with more energy?

We all dream about a million dollars in our bank accounts, for some that would be more than enough, others would think it is just the beginning.

Regardless of which category you fall under, one thing still remains. When the windfall of money hits your account, you can no longer go back to your old life.

Now I’m not saying you “let the money change you”... well, not directly.

You see, the person you become when you obtain money is the version of yourself that you suppressed most on your journey. 

And thus, the money has only revealed your true intent.

“But Chandler, I don’t want a million dollars, I just want enough to live a good life” 

Sure, who doesn't want a good life, but what is enough? Enough to live in Miami or enough to live on skid-row? Enough for one kid or four? Enough for you to have a good life or enough for your grandkids to go to college?

I think you start to see my point. 

So I will ask again, what if I gave you a million dollars? 

Would you cling to the life you had before or would you run head first into the person you want to be?

If the only thing stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself is two comma places, then you're sorely mistaken.

Wake up and smell the possibilities, money won't change you, it will however, set you free.

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