Overstanding Abundance in Today’s Chaos

The universal truth is that ALL people have talent and abilities to be cultivated and owned on the mental, spiritual, and physical planes.

To fully utilize these Laws of Success, you must become of service. Service to yourself and service to others.

Like attracts like; so your potential difficulties and obstacles are the result of:

  1. You refusing to let go of that which does not service you
  2. You refusing to accept that which you deserve

Obtaining abundance is easier than the uninitiated believes (or can fathom).

Remember, if you want love, give love. If you want money, make money for other people. If you want acknowledgement, give credit where it’s due. 

To repel the darkness is as quick as to turn on the light.

Anything forced will be pushed away from you. Your wealth (abundance) is your birthright; to desire it is to force it. To force what is already yours. 

Abundance, instead, is the means by which you accomplish what you truly want. Money (still abundance) can provide ‘happiness’ only up to the point where your physical needs are secure. 

So my question for you today is: If you had in abundance, that which you currently lack, what would you desire after?



And until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball

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