That one’s going in the vault…

We don't generally notice the defenses we put up. 

Nor do we consider the beliefs we never think to question. 

However, today may be the opportune time to consider these notions; as we live in such an age of anxiety, stress, and confusion. 

BUT given that history repeats itself, this is not the only age of insecurity.

Consider the troubling times and economic divides that have essentially always been a part of human history. 

Were the emotions of the ancient oppressed any different than those of today?

How about the emotions of your worry or anxiety today, compared to your anxiety felt 10 years ago?

If you acknowledge your triumph of your emotions during the past, and how you were able to do so, you will gain the internal integrity necessary to live without negative emotions.

Take a peek inside the vault; what have you been hiding from yourself?

That’s all for today. 

Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball 

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