The 1 Truth That Unites 99%

Buddhist philosophy teaches that:

Those who do not have much live miserably because they do not have more; and those who have much live in misery for fear it shall be taken away. 

The commonality between all people is the anxiety we feel when compared to anything outside ourselves. 

While the ancient Greeks decided wealth meant to further personal development, the modern mindset is stuck on materialism to dignify value. 

So who is the other 1%?

Believe it or not, there are individuals who live completely free from anxiety. They recognize that material wealth has value only to the extent that it provides our basic necessities. 

You do not, however, have to eliminate your desire; but you do have to realize what you are trading your time for.

Everyone is trading their time for some outcome. If you’re content with your expected outcome, then you have eliminated anxiety. Then, you can live without the shared misery of the 99%. Then, you can become Unstuck.

That’s all for today.


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