The best first-year counselor

In the face of everything about to change for an adolescent, their usual response is to grasp for attention. For an external source to acknowledge their existence (more so their value).

You can best care for these people by giving them a constant

Let them know that you will continue to think about them, in a positive way. Find an indirect way or something symbolic of that concept. Not a gift, or something that separates this person from their peers. 

You can ask their opinion or show that you have always been listening. Then, when they’re in the right headspace, you can explain the value you see in them. 

Reminder - Don’t go into it with expectations of their reaction. Only the expectation of your own demeanor.

They, like all people, just want someone genuine to give them their time (attention). 

That’s all for today.

Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball 

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