The Rule of 3’s

Comedians, poets, musicians and most writers utilize the Rule of 3 principle as, historically, 3 elements to a story provides the greatest amount of context and satisfaction. 

Mystics will relate the Rule of 3 to circumstances in real life. And yesterday I witnessed the rule first-hand.

To start, as you know my car battery died unexpectedly in the morning. Next was the monsoon I drove through in the afternoon for an appointment across town, while (possibly) 8-inches deep in flooded roads. And to finish the evening I, while attempting a new style of cooking pizza in my oven, earned myself a 2nd degree burn.

So what was the lesson the Rule of 3 was showing me yesterday? Probably something super important that I won't fully understand until hindsight kicks in.

But that doesn’t matter. The main benefit of being aware that a Rule of 3 is showing itself to you is the opportunity to notice how you react.

Rudolph Ballentine says that

“Illness is the opportunity for growth and transformation.”

What theme are you currently in?

For example, Rosicrucians acknowledge 7 separate 52-day long transits during the year that begin on your birthday and effect events ranging from starting a business to atoning karmic debt.

The more important question is: Are you aware enough to notice when overarching themes are happening in your life?

If not, you may not be allowing yourself the time to turn inward. 

Today, give yourself 15 minutes of silence to notice the themes present in your life. And send this email to encourage someone else to take their 15 minutes too!

And until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball

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