The secrets of the Rosicrucian Secrets for Abundance:

  1. Visualization precedes form. Emotion must be tied with visualization. The stronger the emotion, the more likely it is for form to follow. And the higher the frequency of the emotion, the larger the effect. Emotions with the highest frequency are love and gratitude; opposite frequencies of emotions like fear or anger.
  2. Faith leading to prosperity consciousness. You don’t have to repel doubt, you only have to accept that you’re worthy. Most lead with a ‘victim of circumstance’ mindset. They don’t allow themselves the opportunities right in-front of them. The moderate scholar will turn to atheism; the deeply versed scholar will find the true religion.
  3. As above, so below. As the universe, so the soul. As within, so without. Alchemic and Occult symbols fascinate us because they give a glimpse into ourselves. Consider the structure of the Great Pyramids. Their position relating to North, East, South, and West represents the 4 elements associated with each direction; and the same 4 elements in the human body. Each 4 sides of the foundation (the 4 elements) has 3 additional sides forming the pyramid. These 3 additional sides (12 total) represent the 12 Zodiacs. Additionally, there are 144,000 variants per genome in the human body, and that the Great Pyramid has exactly the same number of stones.

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