What do you suppose is most needed at the moment?

Could it be structural reform of our education system?

Maybe you would suggest an intense focus on income inequality. Or even a renouncement of capitalism in general. 

Ideally, you have considered this question before, of what is most needed. Because it is this exact mindset that is most needed. The individual who is willing to consider what their life is best dedicated to. How to contribute to the well-being of the whole.

Whatever you consider is most needed for the advancement of our group at this moment is actually what is most needed. 

The general happiness of our society would be much greater if only a few more individuals would (1) consider what they think is most needed, and (2) dedicate their time to providing that service to others. 

Consider the mantra: In the interim, I shall do what I can, to the greatest of my abilities, with no expectations of immediate gratification.

That’s all for today.

Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball 

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