What is the tone of your internal monologue?

Everyone has one; a voice inside their head. 

For most people, their brain is just rationalizing everything in front of them on a loop of contrasting opinion after contrasting opinion. 

Actually, that’s how everyone’s brain is until you decide to manage it. 

Which implies that some people live completely free from recurring, non-productive thoughts. Instead, their minds are occupied with only their desires, and are absent of anxiety, worry and fear.

The mind, unlike the brain, is separate from your 5 senses, has the ability to be ‘quiet’, and controls the brain (as thought precedes form).

But the only way you’ll quiet your brain is if you’re willing to listen to the mind. 

For today, when you notice your brain going back and forth, remember this quote from Alan Watts:

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”

Give yourself the time you need to be still.

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Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball

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