What is YOUR personal concept of freedom?

Externally, freedom relates to the absence of oppressive forces or constraints that limit your ability to act, express, or pursue your goals. 

It includes political freedoms such as the right to free speech, assembly, and participation in the decision-making process.

However, true freedom ALSO requires inner liberation and self-mastery.

It involves transcending the limitations of the ego and the conditioned mind, enabling you to align with your higher-self and fulfill your spiritual potential.

Freedom involves breaking free from the bonds of ignorance, fear, and attachment to transient desires. It implies developing self-awareness, discernment, and the ability to make conscious choices based on inner truth and moral principles.

It is intimately tied to the pursuit of self-realization and the discovery of universal truths. Recognizing your interconnectedness with all of humanity and the natural world, fostering a sense of responsibility and compassion toward others.

Beyond external limitations, my surmised concept of freedom: 

Your pursuit of self-realization, spiritual growth, and the realization of your higher nature as a holistic concept that integrates personal freedom with ethical responsibilities and a deeper understanding of universal truths.

That’s all for today.


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