What keeps you up at night?

Much like the question posed to every teenager unwilling to begin the day: “What keeps you in bed in the morning?”

The similarity between the two situations is taking back your time; because you don’t feel in control of it

Either school, work, relationships… something or someone is exhausting you, your efforts, and your TIME. 

If you can’t sleep through the night, go to bed later than everyone around you, or continue sleeping through to the afternoon, then you have let fear linger. 

You have avoided the confrontation of that someone or something that is subtracting from your time. 

You have avoided your fears to the point of self-neglect. And now self-destruction. 

Your only option is to meet your truths head-on. 

Acknowledge why you are negatively controlling your time; you probably already know the reason.

Sometimes becoming unstuck means just moving around. 

That’s all for today.


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