What they didn’t teach you in school

If you attended a public school, you’re probably dissatisfied with the ‘standard’ of education you received. 


In 1983, the Reagan Administration released the “Nation At Risk” Report. In which, the president said:

“We found that our educational system is in the grip of a crisis caused by low standards, lack of purpose, ineffective use of resources and a failure to challenge students to push performance to the boundaries of individual ability and that is to strive for excellence.”


During the next 15 years many reforms were passed to supposedly improve the content and level of education within the public school system. Programs such as No Child Left Behind and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act


Now I can go on about how half of U.S. adults (actually 54%) read below a 6th grade level, or the fact that cursive handwriting hasn’t been taught in public schools since 2010; NPR tells us the reason is because keyboards are a greater priority, but an equally persuasive argument is so that the next generation is unable to read the writings of our Founding Fathers and therefore cannot know their rights.


The state of our public education system is decaying. But why?


I believe the answer lies in the 2014 MIU Commencement speech delivered by Jim Carrey. He asks: 

“How will you serve the world? What do they need that your talent can provide?”


You’re not to blame for your quality of education, but you are responsible for it now. 


Answer this:

What’s the last new thing you’ve tried to learn?

How are you using your talent to serve the world?



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