Which Came First: Happy, Healthy, or Wealthy?

Confucius teaches us that “A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one.” From this perspective, you must take care of your health before you’re able to be happy or attract wealth (abundance).

So what’s next? Let’s say you have 0 physical ailments, and your mind is free to choose what it wants.

Consider Alan Watts’ definition in The Meaning of Happiness: “The meaning of happiness consists in three elements - freedom, gratitude, and the sense of wonder.”

From Confucius, we know how to free our mind. From Watts, we see the succession to happiness next; as you are already endowed with the natural ability to be grateful and wonder for the future WITHOUT wealth present. 

Here’s the secret for finally achieving wealth:

You have to actively choose to be healthy, then choose to be happy, and after, wealth comes naturally.

You would have already aligned yourself to attract (in abundance) the type of wealth you want. Love, money, recognition.

Now here’s the head-fake:

You have already made the decision for your current level of health, your current level of happiness, therefore your current level of abundance has already been decided too. By you!

There are two ways to look at it:

  1. If you are not healthy, then you are not happy or wealthy.
  2. If you are wealthy (in your preferred style), then you were first healthy and happy. 

The process is simple, and you know where to start.

But don’t tell yourself the process is hard, otherwise it will be. 

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Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball

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