Why Don’t People Take Your Advice

Have you ever been asked for advice from a friend, watched them ignore it and they suffer the consequence you warned them of? 

This is the epitome of a waste of time. But their reasoning has less to do with your advice, and more to do with the self-esteem of your friend.

Considered the most successful copywriter of all time, Gary Halbert has more than an overstanding in marketing; he is a master in human psychology. He is able to jump into the mind of others and decipher exactly how to speak their language, offer what they want to buy, and establish trust as if he were their best-friend. In fact, he used to address his sales letters mailed to stranger’s homes with “Your Friend Gary,”.

One of my favorite lessons from Gary comes from The Boron Letters, which he wrote while in prison at the Boron Federal Prison Camp. Also known as Club Fed.

“The real secret people don’t buy from you… they don’t believe in their ability to use what you sell.”

This line wasn’t in reference to bad marketing, where a product seems too difficult to use. Instead, he was referring to the general population’s doubt in their own abilities. 

Most people haven’t been taught about their inherent worth, and they suspect others are further along than them. 

So maybe it’s not a waste of time when a friend doesn’t take your advice. 

To give the advice you did, you obviously think your friend is capable enough to follow through. And maybe your belief in them is what gives your friend the confidence to follow your advice.

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