Why "recovery" doesn't work

Dr. Rudolph Ballentine is an American psychiatrist who has spent the majority of his career in India studying homeopathy and Ayurveda. 

In Ballentine's book "Radical Healing", he proposes that transformation of the body comes from self-awareness; that we can alter our physical health by changing how we view "recovery".

"Although dysfunction and disease point to what you need to work on, they also hold the seeds of your unfoldment. From this point of view, illness is an opportunity for growth and transformation, while 'recovery' is only a return to an obsolete status quo." 

Illness is the body showing you what you need to address, so it is also the opportunity for change. Disease isn't an argument with death as the end goal. Disease is the effort of trying to stay alive.

Too, arguments in a relationship don't have to be arguments if the end goal isn't a break-up. Instead, they are opportunities to become closer with a better overstanding.

Like I said in Exposure Resource for OCD & Anxiety-Based Disorders, the world is a place of opportunity, not adversity. 

The next argument you get into, or the next illness that pops up, look for how this is the perfect moment to make a change.

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