Words that are stronger than sticks and stones

If you have been reading my emails for a while now, you may remember me talking about the importance of semantics.

"Try" vs. "Do".

"But" vs. "And".

Giving an order vs. Asking a question.

 This is the key to meaning what you say.

 And it changes the perception of your ideas to who you're speaking to.

 But what about your perception of the way you speak to yourself?

 When you have a sore throat, body aches and no appetite do you say "I have a cold" or "I am a cold"?

 I have a cold, right! So what about when you have been in a prolonged state of sadness? Do you say "I have depression" or "I am depressed"?

 Most would say "I am depressed". The problem is how this statement internalizes and allows you to identify as that feeling.

But you are not depressed. You are you. You may have depression, just as you may have a cold. 

Be careful with how you speak to yourself.


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