Meet The Universe Half-Way

As the Angel of the Lord said to Iohé in The Greater Key of Solomon:

“Do thou remember if the secrets of Solomon appear hidden and obscure unto thee, that the lord hath wished it, so that such wisdom may not fall into the hands of wicked men.”

The modern equivalent:

“The teacher will appear when the student is ready”

is missing the external component of the original quote. The lord, or the universe, or spirit. 

You may be ready for your blessings in meeting the universe half-way, but like I said previously, obstacles/difficulties (not appearing to receive the blessings you’re entitled to) may not be from the lack of your effort, but your refusal to let go of that which no longer services you. 

And the last blockage people are willing to accept responsibility for is their relationships. 

Most live in a way where they take advantage of their closest relationships, because they expect those people to stick around. And usually they do (unfortunate for both parties).

You may currently be meeting the universe half-way, you may even be meeting it 70% of the way! But, refuse to let go, and your effort won’t be matched.

Refuse to let go and you’ll always be where you’re at right now.

Let Go, Become Unstuck.

That’s all for today.


Until tomorrow,

Chandler Ball


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